2020 – 37th PARALELA - Brazil

In 2020, we participated in the 37th PARALELA - Design Business Fair, in São Paulo. We carry a special collection that allowed us to expand the geography of the distribution of our pieces.

2019 – Cluj International Ceramic Biennale - Romania

Work - Towers over Clauds

2019 – CasaCor RJ - Brazil

Work - Toca Arquitetura project in honor of singer Ney Matogrosso

2017 – World Ceramics Art and Craft Biennale - Belgium

Theme - Bottle and Boxes  |  Work - Bottle Oven



 When I was a teenager I could see British influences on me.


Three decades later I “goback” to England from which I share blood tiés with.

In 2105 past, present and future converge and materialize in a trip to Stoke - on trent, place where my family meet and there the pictures of my unconscious collection are fired.


Since then BOTTLE OVENS have became a recurring theme.


This work wants to warn about care with our art, in a allusion to clean energies, a technology that can be developed in favor of Humankind and the Enviroment.

Denise Braune | Cerâmica Contemporânea

Cosme Velho - RJ

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