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Notice, error, and learn.

So I found out that the best connection is what we do with our hearts, when we allow him to externalize, pulse beyond your cavity, a timeless wedding between will and do as well as constituted in the object.

The pottery was the instrument that led me to this fabulous meeting of these two powers. Everything was there, waiting for the right moment of this delivery.

The path that closes the first cycle of 7 years, highlight a personal reflection on the way of the first class in the Atelier of Marcia Limmanii in intimate conversation and silent, I wondered about what was the force that moved this intention with this pottery?

The answer is kindled as a challenge more than my ability to understand: "I know, want to turn clay in cloud". And so I followed asking the pottery on the point of view of my reply.

What is the symbolic meaning between this transformation so unusual?

See me before so different materials and at the same time forward the elements so essential to life: Earth and water was a challenge that seemed insurmountable, even though such elements were so complementary.

Sometimes the quest reincidia because of this do, but with the understanding that it would be possible to accomplish through the mud.

To which I was referring to, fluidity in how to become translucent clay and turn it so in clouds?

With the persistence of quest got the reply recently, as well as receive a gift.

One of these day a lot of heat on that desire and do go together, the egg delivery that he was bathed me sweat due to the igh temperature environment. At that moment none thought occurred, was not the reason he spoke, it was not the way I was looking for.

The sweat that trickled down through the face the center of the chest, and the hands, dripped like rain on the clay modeled on egg, as the clouds that form with the elevation of the Earth's heat and who kindly to refresh with the good and desired rain , creating grooves on it, outlining your path, pointing the direction of rivers and oceans.



Exchange in La Bisbal Ceramic School
D'Emporda - Spain;

Membership of Craft Potters Association – UK;

Work done for the Japanese Embassy in Tokyo.


Participates in the II Pottery Fair of Petrópolis;

Participates in the Ceramic Show in Rio;

Member of the Contemporary Brazilian Ceramic - CCBras;

Participates in the Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition Brazil England English culture
– Brazilian British Centre.


Participates in the World Ceramic Art Biennale & Craft – in Belgium - Bottles and Boxes;

Participates in the Ceramic show in Rio;

Participates in the first Ceramic Fair Petrópolis.


Participates in the Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro with partnership with the Bric Studio.


Beginning of the Urban Workshop.


Beginning of the Rural Workshop.


Participates in the workshop of Taciana Amorim and  starts his lectures with the Potter Almir.


Initiates its pottery classes at Studio Marcia Limannii.


Post graduate in Real Estate law.


Post graduate in labour law and procedure.


Graduated in Law.


Post graduate in Psychopedagogy;

Course in Pegadogia.

1980 a 1997

Director of Art Space - art school for kids - Rio de Janeiro-RJ.


Participates in the training course of the Art School of Brazil - Augusto Rodrigues - Botafogo - Rio de Janeiro.



World Ceramic Art e Craft Biennale 2017 - The World Biennale Award – Winner of the Bronze Medaille Best Work.


Receives Diploma Sian Studart de Cultura by CHAMBER - the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

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